Saturday, October 24, 2009

With Udge in Ceaserea

I met Udge yesterday, at SavtaDotty's soup salon. He's on vacation here in Israel. Both Savta and Udge are people I knew exclusively from reading their blogs. First I got to know Savta through a mutual friend, and was invited to her soup salon (she makes soup on Friday afternoons and people drop by for a chat). Then I read on his blog that he's coming to Israel for vacation, so I checked in and found out he'd be at the salon, so I went yesterday and met him. He looks kinda like the picture, but of course different. But his gentle curiosity and intelligence were what I expected, and it was delightful.
I took Udge to Ceaserea, which was once the capital of the Roman Empire in the Eastern Meditteranean. The antiquities are wonderful, the view of the sea is stunning, but it was mostly fun just conversing with him, and hearing his wonderful knowledge and ideas in real time.

There are strange new worlds in cyberspace, and this blogging world is a wonderful one.

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Mo-ha-med said...

I couldn't agree more - especially that this is how i met Savta Dotty myself! :)