Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trying to post an animated GIF...

I'm trying to post an animated GIF because stupid Facebook doesn't do it. Here it goes:

Neat!   This is from last September, in Tarragona, Spain.  Human castle-building. Isn't it wild???

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Furloughed Fed is writing with such eloquence:

 I haven't lived in the US for many year,  and am not awash with media reports all the time,  so F.F. is really bringing home the absurd insane side of it and giving me perspective from the inside.  From the view over here in Israel, it all seems too ridiculous to imagine. Why would anyone object to universal healthcare for all?  Why would people object to government oversite of the environment?  What is wrong with Americans? That's the attitude here, and I think in Europe. There is NO understanding of this deep-seated desire to hollow out government function.  We complain that our government is doing things the wrong way, but not that it shouldn't exist!  And we certainly LOVE our universal healthcare.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A very thoughtful and frustrated furloughed civil servant shares her experiences here:

Definitely worth reading.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tarragona 2013

I spent 4 days in amazing Tarragona, Catalonia, for the Spanish-Portuguese Microscopy Society meeting. Our hosts were gracious, the meeting was interesting, I was very pleased with the lecture I gave; an overall great visit. Best of all, our time coincided with the Santa Tecla Festival; their big blowout annual fest. Catalans are proud people with many old traditions and we were exposed to a lot of them. Dancing and exhibitions in the streets, concerts, human castle-building (see pictures). We were also given a guided tour of the city, which is built among and within the ancient Roman city of Tarraco, which was the Roman capital of its Iberian empire, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Our hotel was right in one of the central squares, the Placa de la Font. Our room faced the Plaza, and man was it noisy! 
I've posted a lot of pictures from Tarragona; you can find them on google+