Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Nobel for Ada Yonath and other matters

I've been a research scientist for 25 years, and for most of them have known Ada Yonath, and have even worked with her occasionally.  So of course its very exciting to see her on theTV in Stockholm, on the brink of getting the Nobel Prize in Chemistry tomorrow.  I know her pretty well, and can see the strain of being constantly in the spotlight, constantly interviewed. But she's handling it with pretty good grace, and I was thrilled to see members of her lab, especially her long-time colleague Anat Bashan, in the background there. Apparently quite a crowd travelled over there!

  Here's to you, Ada, and your long-held vision of what could be possible. You've been a daring, hard working scientist. Creative, fearless and generous.  Tomorrow we'll be cheering you!  See you back at home!

Many other things have been adding up to a very calm state of mind,  one that is so surprising for me. To actually look at life and feel good and calm, and not want to change anything.  True grace (at least for now)...