Saturday, August 29, 2009

Facebook is winning

I've pretty much abandoned trying to blog. For a number of years, I've read several select blogs intensively. All of them personal ones, not political or professional. Just people blogging about their lives. Then I stopped reading them a few months ago, and now only glance. Bored? Not really. But I do other stuff with my limited free time.

Also, blogging is difficult for me because I get too critical of the writing, and I usually try to start late at night when I'm sleepy. And I haven't really decided what I want to write about. Personal stuff too? Opinions of current affairs? Just to tap tap tap on the keyboard?

Still considering.


Its the end of the summer...
In three days I'll be having abdominal surgery so I'm psyching up to get it over with and heal fast. 76-year old Mom is flying half-way around the world to nurse me in recovery, and "make chicken soup", as she says. The only problem is its still too bloody hot for chicken soup. But no mind..

See you after the surgery!

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